Our storehouse

For a very long time we were looking for the right place, which would guarantee that the strict requirements assumed by us for a future Storehouse for storing wine, are met. We knew what we are looking for. We have long-standing experience in provision of the appropriate temperature and humidity parameters. Our specialists performed undertakings based on provision of regime parameters for very demanding users. Amongst them there were laboratories, printing houses, high technology rooms and operating rooms. Our knowledge enables us to define precisely the requirements which should be fulfilled by the given facility to satisfy our Customers and us.

Our new aim is to ensure that the required parameters, responsible for the proper wine maturation, are reached and maintained and to strive to optimize them.

Finally we have chosen the facility, which was built in the 60s for the purpose of underground ripening house for banana. The facility is located at ul. Chodakowska 53/57 in Praga Południe in Warsaw. This building was designed to maintain the storage conditions as stable as possible and thus it turned out to be perfect for our purposes. Its location near the city centre is also not without significance. It allows our Customers to have an easy and quick access to their collections.