Optimal storage conditions and the highest security standards

Our Storehouse goes deep few metres into ground and has double brick walls of more than a half meter thickness with insulation air layer between the walls. This enables to maintain stable temperature during the whole year and the proper flow of humidity and air. Depth at which wines are stored eliminates any vibration that could disturb wines. All bottles are protected from light by various forms of packaging in which they are stored. Moreover, lightning in the Storehouse is used as rarely as possible. To control the safety of maintaining the temperature and humidity regime the Storehouse is equipped with mechanical cooling system typical of professional cold store for food between 8°C and 18°C and with humidification and dehumidification systems depending on the parameters. Processes of maintaining the temperature and humidity are monitored all the time.

The whole area around our Storehouse is protected by a private security firm, moreover, the building is monitored by cameras all the time. Access inside the Storehouse is possible only and exclusively in the presence of our employee. In the Storehouse, depending on the Customer’s requirements, wine belonging to the Customer is stored on stable metal shelves, in metal baskets, solid strongboxes or professional vibration-free Tefcold® refrigerators. Baskets, shelves and refrigerators have locks, the key to which is given to the Customer who stores his/her wine in them.