We are happy to announce that SAR PW Ltd was one of the sponsors of International Sommeliers Cup Poland 2014 organised by the Polish Sommeliers Association on May 16-17, 2014.
There were 16 competitors from 9 different countries.

SAR had the honour and pleasure to sponsor the three main prizes –  truly fine wines from Barone Riccasoli.
The winner Jan-Willem van der Hek from the Netherlands received Castello di Brolio Magnum 2001, the first runner-up Jakub Pribyl from the Czech Republic received Castello di Brolio Magnum 2004 and the second runner-up Maja Samuelsson from Sweden received Castello di Brolio 2006.

All the winners were extremely happy with the prizes which can be seen both on the individual photographs, together with the Sponsor of the main prizes, from the Award Ceremony and the subsequent photo session for the media.

Adam Pawłowski, a sommelier from Poland was the third runner-up. Let us take this opportunity to yet again extend our congratulations to all the winners and express our gratitude to the Polish Sommeliers Association for their exquisite work and professional effort in organising a Sommeliers Cup at a European class level.