Receipt and release

To entrust us with their collections to be stored, the interested persons should contact us by e-mail or by phone. Providing us with a list of wines, indicating their names, year and quantity is required. Any data submitted is protected under strict confidentiality clause according to our privacy policy. After arranging the convenient date for an appointment with our employee, collections should be delivered to our Storehouse, where our employees will place them according to the chosen storage option. Depending on the choice made, wine may be stored in our Storehouse on shelves, in ventilated strongboxes, in refrigerators or metal baskets. Shelves, refrigerators and baskets have locks, keys to which are given to our Customers.

The Customer should inform the Storehouse by e-mail or by phone about his/her decision to take out the whole or part of his/her collection. After making an appointment with our employee, the Customer collects from the storehouse an agreed number of bottles. In case of advanced storage options, the Customer assisted by our employee personally opens the strongbox, refrigerator or metal basket, where his/her collection is stored. In case of removal of the whole collection from our Storehouse and resignation from the Storehouse services, the Customer benefiting from advanced storage options gives the key to them to our employee.